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Steve McKeogh

Full stack senior web developer

PHP Laravel enthusiast

Node.js fanatic

React & Redux

Front and backend


I am a full stack senior web developer from sunny London. I started in the web game way back in 1999 - when I picked up a coding book and got hooked on code.

Over the years I have worked with many big household names (Microsoft, Apple, Disney, BBC, Time Out, Skechers to name just a few) and I am always keen to adopt new technologies early such as PHP Laravel, Node.js, React and Redux.

I have a huge passion for front and backend web development which I have been doing in parallel to each other for the length of my career. I am always looking for a new challenge.



October 2016 - Present

  • Lead developer for all frontend and backend development of marketing and front facing sites.
  • Responsible for build and to maintain the billing API which talks directly to Chargebee for all realtime billing requests.
  • Built and maintained a full bespoke accounting reconcilation service that kept all bookkeeping up-to-date with Xero.
  • Helps maintain and contribute to all ScreenCloud TV apps and the product.

Codegent Ltd / Thin Martian Ltd

June 2005 - October 2016

  • Technical lead and head developer on major client based and internal apps, including end-to-end web builds as well as campaign work such as microsites, HTML emails, banners and social assets.
  • Designing UI and architecting custom Laravel CMS and implementing across client and internal based projects.
  • Mentoring a team of junior and mid-weight front and backend developers throughtout all stages of a build to completion, as well as code reviews and app deployment.
  • Performing sysadmin duties company wide on a vast array of servers (namely Debian).
  • Technically advising stakeholders, as well as design/UX stage across client projects as well as technically leading in client meetings and providing accurate time estimations.

Reading Room Ltd

March 2000 - June 2005

  • Templating and functional builds of client websites.
  • Architecting and maintaining a custom ColdFusion framework, alongside a custom CMS that was used across all projects.
  • Lead developer on all Energy Saving Trust (EST) projects, designing and implementing the entire Oracle database, liasing with the client and carrying out all the builds across their portal.


May 1999 - March 2000

  • General day-to-day junior web developer duties, including liasing with designers to turn a design in to html, building frontend website builds and maintaining client websites.
  • Building multiple email newsletter campaigns.





React & Redux
Sass, Stylus & Less




Amazon AWS
Debian (Ubuntu)
Windows Server


SQL Server






Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Windows
Apple macOS

Previous work

Skechers Screenshot


Frontend and backend build of all international SKECHERS sites on my custom built Laravel CMS.

This involved the build of 30+ market sites from Japanese to French, fully content managed for the worldwide SKECHERS teams.

All products were feed from the US or Euro SKECHERS XML feeds, and the CMS admin had the flexibility to switch between feeds via the site settings in the CMS and control all sites through a central portal.


Now on its third version, I was the sole developer on Sarah Beeny's popular online estate agent portal for the first two versions, building both on a custom codeigniter CMS.

I took more of an overseeing role on version 3, but still played a fundamental role in its build taking on the frontend and assisting and leading on integral components of the functional build.

Tepilo Screenshot
World of Warriors Screenshot

Mind Candy - World of Warriors

I was lead developer for Mind Candy's popular mobile game World of Warriors.

Frontend and backend build on my custom built Laravel CMS, allowing administrators full content over this multimarket site. was built on top of an Amazon AWS stack, utilising many AWS features whilst fully cached in Cloudfront.

The Thinking Traveller

Responsible for the full frontend build of The Thinking Traveller, providers of luxury villa holidays in Italy and the Greek Islands, whilst the backend was built by an external team in .NET which involved liasing and educating the .NET team on requirements and ensuring timespent was within budgets set by the accounts team.

The project was a success and the client was extremely impressed with the product we provided!

The Thinking Traveller Screenshot
Time Out/British Airways - Escape Screenshot

Time Out/British Airways - Escape

Time Out and British Airways collaborated in a fantastic competition to win a trip to one of the five Caribbean islands which they entered by selecting a pre chosen postcard theme and applying a photo to the stamp, as well as captioning the postcard. We worked closely with the client's campaign agency to ensure the product was strong enough visually to work across multimedia campaigns - such as tube video and bus advertising.

This was all built on my custom Laravel CMS whist hooking in to several APIs for moderation. The entire length of the competition was controlled via my CMS, from upload to winner selection.

Microsoft/Bing - Bing Originals

Microsoft Bing launched a competition to have your photography showcase on the Bing homepage.

I was involed in the frontend build of this site, whilst collaborating with an external .NET team who built the backend.

Bing Originals Screenshot
Time Out/Samsung - Share your now Screenshot

Time Out/Samsung - Share Your Now

Time Out London and Samsung got together to create a photo competition.

My custom Laravel CMS was used for all aspects of the competition, alerting Time Out to new posts, request moderation from an external API and allowing the winners to be selected. An amazing 15,304 photos where uploaded over a few weeks.

It was also used to create a wonderful mosaic of London from all entries after the competition closed, taking all of the entries of the competition to form a city scene.